Siromer Field Tractor Range

With all the quality features you would expect from Siromer, the field tractors have high torque tier III diesel engine, separate power steering pump, semi flat deck floor, side hand throttle, quick release ratchet handbrake, fully electronic dash and free choice of tyres for either field or grassland work.

Standard features throughout the range include sprung comfort seat, folding roll bar for ease of storage, a maintenance free battery as well as Hi lift Hydraulics, a two speed PTO, category 1 three point linkage, and selectable four wheel drive.

The tractors are highly manoeuvrable with power assisted steering and less than 2.8m turning circle. In addition there is selectable 4wd for extra traction when required and a diff lock for muddy terrain. Available with a front loader with parallel lift and lift capacities in excess of 500kg and dump height of 1.9m.

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Siromer 304

Siromer 304 Tractor

30hp (nominal), 3cyl, 4wd


 Siromer 204S/304




Fully Assembled

304 - 3cyl 4wd full spec Flat pack Creeper

£ 5995.00

£ 6695.00

304 - 3cyl 4wd full spec Flat pack Shuttle

£ 5995.00

£ 6695.00

Please note prices do not include VAT or delivery.
Specifications are subject to change without notice, information is for guidance only.
Please contact us to finalise all details.

Stuart Wright Tractors is happy to build your tractor for you, for details of what is included please click here.

If you would rather build the tractor yourself, for a brief description of the process and images of the parts please click here.

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